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Little Rock, AR

At The Haven Detox-Little Rock, we understand the multifaceted nature of addiction and offer a tailored, evidence-based approach to overcoming substance abuse. Drug and alcohol addiction can devastate health, relationships, and careers, and breaking these habits is difficult without professional help.

West Memphis, AR

At The Haven Detox, we recognize that the journey to recovery from addiction and mental health challenges is a courageous step. Located in West Memphis, Arkansas, our treatment facility serves as a sanctuary for those seeking support toward lasting transformation.

Worcester, MA

Our Worcester, MA, facility has everything necessary for a safe and successful recovery. We understand the challenges of overcoming addiction and strive to provide the highest standards of comfort and care. Built with the individual in mind, our stunning facility in Worcester is equipped with large comfortable quarters featuring queen-sized beds, luxury furniture, flat-screen TVs, and an impressive lounge with many recreational activities. Read More

West Palm Beach, FL

Our location in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida, is fully equipped to ensure comfort and effective care. The facility was built with the individual in mind, boasting queen beds, as well as an impressive lounge. Our medical doctors and staff have decades of combined experience and know what it takes to help each individual overcome addiction. Read More

Hurley, NY

Overcoming drug addiction can be challenging for anyone, especially a teenager. Teens struggling with addiction must have access to the resources they need to end their dangerous habit as soon as possible. Read More

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Our admissions department is available 24/7 and happy to answer any questions you may have about our facility or treatment options.