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Detox and Recovery in Arkansas

Detox is the first step in the recovery process. During drug and alcohol detox, doctors facilitate the natural process of detox by easing the physical and mental symptoms associated with withdrawal. As the addictive substance purges from the body, the patient is primed for continuing treatment and lasting recovery.

Detoxing at The Haven Detox-Little Rock is made as comfortable as possible with medication-assisted treatment and therapy where appropriate. With a person-first treatment philosophy, our expert staff monitors patients to ensure safety throughout the detox process.

The Haven Detox-Little Rock prioritizes patient comfort and safety to minimize health risks and manage drug and alcohol cravings with evidence-based methods. Our methods ensure patients are ready for treatment and empowered to choose recovery. Call our confidential counselors to learn more about how detox at The Haven Detox-Little Rock can fit into your recovery plan.

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Detox Saves Lives

The hardest part of overcoming a substance use disorder is the cravings. Cravings are caused by a chemical dependence to a substance. Without the substance, the body begins the withdrawal process. During this time, patients may experience symptoms ranging from mild confusion to life-threatening seizures known as Delirium Tremens (DTs). 

Professional medical detox, available at The Haven Detox, saves lives by monitoring and controlling withdrawal symptoms, allowing for a faster, safer detox.

Phases of Medical Detox

Clinical Evaluation

During clinical evaluation, doctors and patients will discuss medical history, history of substance use, and identify any potential mental health concerns. This information will be used to create a personalized care plan. 

Patient Stabilization

In this phase, caregivers help clients through the detox process by continuously monitoring and treating any withdrawal symptoms that may develop. This phase continues until the patient is stabilized and is no longer under the effects of the substance of abuse.

Ongoing Therapy

The final stage of detox is a transition to ongoing therapy. This long-term plan, created by the care team, maps out how to maintain sobriety and reintegrate into a daily routine. This plan may involve transitioning to our home-like residential rehab facility for a brief stay and options for continuing therapy.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome alone. Detoxing from alcohol comes with the risk of deadly withdrawal symptoms and alcohol can be nearly impossible to avoid in daily life. Professional alcohol detox provides the medical care necessary to ensure a safe withdrawal. Choosing medical alcohol detox, as offered by The Haven Detox, is the safest option for jump starting your recovery.

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Opiate Detox

With the growing opioid epidemic, there has never been a greater need for opiate detox. While quitting cold-turkey may suit some patients, supervised medication-assisted treatment can ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate detox. The professionals at The Haven Detox help you taper safely and comfortably in a relaxing environment. Our care professionals equip patients with the best chance at lasting recovery.

Substances we Treat

The Haven Detox-Little Rock treats a wide range of substance addictions, including alcohol, opioids, amphetamines, methadone, cocaine, and barbiturates. We address all forms of addiction using evidence-based methods and personalized plans.

Our Residential Treatment Program

At The Haven Detox-Little Rock, our medical and mental health professionals are committed to providing each patient with the highest quality care, support, and therapy needed for a smooth transition into a renewed and restored life. We understand that every patient is unique, so our luxury facility tailors treatment plans to your individual needs. With a selection of holistic treatments, you choose how you recover and transform your life.

Throughout treatment, you’ll receive compassion and customized options, fostering confidence in recovery and a return to the life you’ve always envisioned at a personalized pace. Without judgment, we help you grow strong through supportive and comfortable residential care. Choose The Haven Detox-Little Rock for your journey towards healing and reclaiming the life you deserve.

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