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Residential Rehab in Arkansas

Addiction is not only physical; it can take over every aspect of your life. Our comprehensive approach to treatment addresses the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of addiction by creating a personalized plan for recovery in 30-, 60-, or 90-day residential treatment programs. During these programs, patients receive medical care, therapy, and life skills necessary to facilitate recovery. 

The Haven Detox-Little Rock offers evidence-based treatment and 24-hour support from addiction professionals. Our therapists and clinicians have a patient-first care philosophy, developing deep compassion and care for our residents and empowering them to take the reins in their own recovery. Patients are given the tools and skills to maintain lasting recovery through therapy, medical treatment, and personal reflection.

At The Haven Detox-Little Rock, our residential drug and alcohol treatment program provides patients luxurious amenities and comfortable private spaces for personal growth. Our staff encourages patients to chart their own path without drugs or alcohol. The Haven Detox-Little Rock ensures patients receive personalized, expert care, empowering them to return to their families, friends, and responsibilities with the skills necessary for lifelong success.

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Residential Stay Brings Life-Long Recovery

Relapse is a part of recovery, no matter how diligent you are with your care plan. However, the skills learned at The Haven Detox-Little Rock can help you bounce back after relapse or avoid it entirely. Residential treatment aims to provide a safe, calm environment away from substance use triggers to learn healthy ways to cope with those triggers. Our expert staff empowers patients to imagine a life separate from substance abuse.

The Residential Treatment Process

Treatment Initiation

Before your treatment begins, our specialists perform a clinical assessment. In this assessment, doctors will evaluate your physical, mental, and emotional health and use this knowledge to create a personalized treatment plan using evidence-based techniques for recovery. You will receive a treatment schedule and time to settle into your new environment. 

Relapse Prevention

The goal of treatment is to prevent relapse. Your treatment schedule will include doctor’s visits, individual therapy, group therapy, and structured recreation. During treatment, you will learn to identify your behavioral, emotional, and environmental triggers for substance use and how to minimize your response to cravings. This is where you build the skills for lasting recovery.

Recovery Maintenance

During maintenance, you’ll put the tools and skills you’ve developed during residential treatment to the test. Your care team will help you design an aftercare plan to transition from residential care to lasting sobriety. The skills you learn, the people you meet, and the insights you gain in residential drug and alcohol recovery allow you to develop a new life free from substance use.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is so entrenched in our society that it can be hard to avoid. Residential alcohol rehab allows you to take a step away from the world of alcohol and into the world of recovery. Opting for residential treatment at The Haven Detox-Little Rock allows you to identify triggers and relapse warning signs and understand the root cause of your addiction. By gaining the skills, insight, and strategies for maintaining sobriety, you’re more likely to maintain your recovery when you reenter the world of alcohol.

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Opiate Rehab

Opiate addiction is on the rise in the United States due in part to the availability of prescription opiate medications. This availability can make recovery difficult. Inpatient opiate rehabilitation allows patients to recover without temptation. Our medical staff helps patients manage medication while receiving therapy to treat the root cause of their addiction. Research shows patients have a better chance of avoiding relapse when receiving care in a safe, secure, supportive residential setting that prepares them for life outside the facility.

Substances we Treat

Our rehab facility treats a wide range of substance addictions, from alcohol to meth. Some of the most common substance addictions we address include alcoholism, opioids, amphetamines, methadone, cocaine, and barbiturates. We tackle all forms of addiction with evidence-based methods and personalized plans.

Our Residential Treatment Program

At The Haven Detox-Little Rock, our medical and mental health professionals are dedicated to providing each patient with the highest quality care, support, and therapy they need for a smooth transition into a renewed and restored life. We recognize that every patient is unique. Our luxury facility takes the time to understand your condition and offers you the individual attention you deserve to develop a plan tailored to your needs. With a variety of holistic treatments available, you choose how you recover and transform your life.

Throughout the treatment, you’ll receive compassion and customized options, fostering confidence in recovery and preparing you to return to the life you’ve always envisioned at a personalized pace. Without judgment, we help you grow stronger through supportive and comfortable residential care at The Haven Detox-Little Rock.

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