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West Memphis, Arkansas

At The Haven Detox, we recognize that the journey to recovery from addiction and mental health challenges is a courageous step. Located in West Memphis, Arkansas, our treatment facility serves as a sanctuary for those seeking support toward lasting transformation.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to guiding you through every step of your recovery journey. Whether you’re contemplating seeking help for yourself or a loved one, we offer understanding, care, and the resources needed to embark on a transformative path toward recovery.

Evidence-Based Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

A successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction or mental health disorders requires a foundation built on proven methods and comprehensive approaches. We understand the complexity of these challenges, and our dedicated staff relies on the latest research and clinical expertise to guide you toward a lasting recovery. Whether you seek support for substance use disorders, mental health challenges, or a combination of both, our dedicated team is here to guide you toward a brighter, healthier future.

From personalized programs to behavioral therapies and support groups, we provide comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of addiction and mental health issues. Our treatment options are not only rooted in the latest research and clinical expertise but are also tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your recovery. 

Below is an overview of our services at The Haven Detox-West Memphis.

Individualized Treatment Programs

Treatment at our facility begins with a thorough assessment of your condition conducted by one of our experienced medical professionals. In this evaluation, factors such as the patient’s alcohol and drug abuse history, medical history, family history, and co-occurring disorders are taken into account. Our team then uses this information to create customized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs.

Detox Services

A crucial step in the recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is medical detox. This involves the body ridding itself of substances like drugs or alcohol. At this time, the patient will experience intense withdrawal symptoms. 

At our alcohol and drug rehab center, our dedicated professionals will work to monitor and manage withdrawal symptoms and ensure the safety and well-being of each patient during their detox program. The goal is to stabilize the individual physically and emotionally during the acute withdrawal phase. Medications may be administered to alleviate symptoms and reduce cravings.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a fundamental approach in addiction and mental health treatment, focusing on identifying triggers and underlying issues, modifying behavior, and promoting positive changes in thought patterns and coping mechanisms. Behavioral therapy equips individuals with coping skills to manage stress, cravings, and emotional challenges without resorting to substance use. Common behavioral therapies include Cognitive behavioral therapy and Dialectical behavior therapy.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Through individualized assessments, we carefully prescribe medications to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Our process involves continuous monitoring and adjustments to optimize benefits while minimizing side effects. 

Support Groups

Our treatment center aims to provide individuals with a supportive community and a platform to share experiences through our peer support groups. In these support groups, participants share their experiences and create an environment where everyone feels heard, validated, and less isolated in their struggles. These groups provide a safe and non-judgmental space where these people can openly discuss their challenges.

Residential Care at The Haven Detox

In our residential treatment program at The Haven Detox, patients live in our facility for a designated amount of time to receive evidence-based care and have access to 24/7 medical support. This treatment setting offers a structured routine, including therapy sessions, group activities, and mealtimes, providing a stable framework for recovery.

Patients at our rehabilitation facility have the opportunity to enjoy a range of amenities, holistic treatments, well-appointed living spaces, and a welcoming lounge area during their residential care experience.

Aftercare Programs

The aftercare programs available at The Haven Detox are designed to provide ongoing support and resources for individuals as they transition from the structured environment of the facility back into their daily lives. We connect patients to programs like continued counseling and therapy, support groups, sober living arrangements, and medication management. 


We welcome a variety of health insurance plans to ensure that accessing treatment is as seamless and affordable as possible. Our dedicated team specializes in verifying insurance, working directly with insurance companies to identify details, benefits, and any specific requirements that may impact costs. By carefully assessing your insurance coverage, we strive to minimize financial burdens and make high-quality treatment accessible to you.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment at The Haven Detox

Whether you are seeking support for yourself or a family member, The Haven Detox in West Memphis, Arkansas, is here to help every step of the way. Step into a compassionate and therapeutic environment where evidence-based treatments, comfortable living spaces, and a supportive community converge to create the ideal place for healing. 

Reach out to us today to explore more about our facility and take the initial step toward a brighter future. Together, we can construct a strong foundation for lasting sobriety, transforming your life for the better.Our counselors are available round the clock at (844) 933–4145 to answer any questions you have about our treatment services.

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